You Will Get Angry at Duterte’s Catcalling Because of This

Case Studies

Case Study 2:


On May 3, 2015, the Media Development Authority Singapore (MDA), ordered the shutdown of one of Singapore’s socio-political website called for deliberately fabricating articles that disrupts the social harmony of Singaporeans. The MDA said the website had broken rules under the Internet Code of Practice under the Broadcasting Act, by publishing articles that were against public interest and national harmony.

Singaporean Yang Kaiheng and his Australian girlfriend Ai Takagi were ordered to cease posting on the website and all related social media sites and mobile applications.

The website is depicted as “nothing more than a cauldron of hostility and ill-will” which allowed the couple to “profit handsomely” through web advertising. Some of the “contributions” from ordinary Singaporeans published on the website were also doctored to “sensationalise faultlines and create social divides.

The couple pocketed sums of AU$20,000 to more than AU$50,000 per month, adding that it was evident that money was “the vulgar motive” of the seditious posts, which targeted foreigners from the Philippines, India and China.

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