You Will Get Angry at Duterte’s Catcalling Because of This

Case Studies

Case Study 3: Sunday Sport UK


Sunday Sport is a British tabloid newspaper, published by Sport Newspapers, which was established in 1986. It prints plainly ludicrous stories, such as “London Bus Found Frozen In Antarctic Ice“, or “World War II Bomber Found On The Moon“. Defenders of the paper pointed out that it was not intended to be taken seriously. Its controversial content also includes a high quotient of softcore female nudity and extensive advertising for sexual services.

But on July 2009, it was reported that the Sunday Sport is experiencing soaring sales. Sport Newspapers claimed that the sales of the Sunday Sport soared by 22 per cent in the previous three months.

However sensational the paper’s headlines are, The Daily Sport helped launch the careers of many female models, including Linsey Dawn Mckenzie, Solange Hop, and Cherry Dee.

You can view more of their headliners here.

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