The Usability and Acceptability of NLP-Designed Web Pages Over Traditional Web Page Design

Today, technology changes so fast that trending technologies at this moment may be considered obsolete in the next 6 months. And if you are a web owner, the changes in trends affects the effectiveness of your website if it is not mindfully designed.

This thesis presents a study on the usability and acceptability of NLP-designed (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) web pages over traditional web page designs. By applying Neuroscience, this thesis should be able to offer findings and general guidelines on how to make a website better its user engagement by showing user acceptance and usability of the NLP-designed website over its original. This study also aims to extend the effectiveness of NLP-designed websites by showing comparison on the improvement on resources such as development time and budget allocation.

The study is applied to the University of the Philippines, Los Baños website and evaluated by online users of different profiles ranging from UPLB students, researchers, faculty members, and general public.

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